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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

General EVV Questions

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  What is EVV?

“EVV” stands for Electronic Visit Verification. EVV uses technology to record the date, time, and place your workers provide services to you at the start and end of each shift, including:

  • The person receiving the service
  • The person providing the service
  • The service being provided
  • Date of service
  • Time in/out of service
  • Location of service
  What is meant by "electronic"?

When talking about EVV, “electronic” means using an electronic device to record the date, time and place your worker provides services to you. The most common devices are cell phones, tablets, and computers.

  What is meant by "verification"?

When talking about EVV, “verification” means using technology to ensure that both you and your worker are together at the beginning and end of each shift.

  Do I have to use EVV?

Yes, if you are a worker that provides personal care or routine supportive home care services, you will need to use EVV. If you are an employer who receives these services, you will need to ensure that your worker is using EVV.

However, live-in* workers are not required by DHS to use EVV.

*For the purposes of EVV, a live-in worker is a worker who permanently resides in
the same residence as the member or participant receiving services. See page 15 of
the following PDF for more details on proof of residency required and the duplex
living situations that qualify: https://bit.ly/3n5yZue

  Services Codes Affected by EVV
Service Family Care IRIS
Personal Case Services per 15 min. (T1019) Yes Yes
Personal Care Services per day (T1020) Yes N/A
Supportive Home Care per 15 min. (S5125) Yes Yes
Supportive Home Care per day (S5126) Yes Yes

 Please note: Service codes T1019 and S5125 will be paid at an hourly wage.



Timing of EVV

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  When do EVV requirements start?

On November 2, 2020, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) began requiring EVV for Medicaid-covered personal care services for IRIS* and Family Care, and supportive home care services for Family Care. This date also marks the "soft launch" period of EVV led by DHS. The soft launch offers time and support for clients, workers, and others to learn the new process.

*As of January 1, 2021, EVV is required in the IRIS program for supportive home care services.   

DHS will begin a “hard launch” of EVV at a later date, which is still being determined.

  What is the purpose of the soft launch?

The soft launch is intended to be a learning period to bring everyone up to speed and make improvements where possible. Payment will not be delayed for incorrect or missing EVV information during the soft launch, however EVV is still required.

  What is the difference between the soft launch and hard launch?

During the soft launch, workers are required to use EVV, however, payment will not be impacted if EVV is missed. The hard launch date and payment policy are still being determined.The goal is to learn as much as possible during the soft launch to make sure the hard launch goes smoothly. This will reduce potential payment delays due to issues with clocking in and out of EVV.

  Will I still get paid if I don't use EVV?

Payment won’t be delayed during the soft launch period. However, EVV is required during this time and we recommend that workers get set up with EVV early on to work through any obstacles before the hard launch. The hard launch date and payment policy are still being determined. Please refer to Wisconsin EVV Customer Care (833-931-2035) or vdxc.contactevv@wisconsin.gov for questions and feedback on the specifics of the hard launch.



Getting Started With EVV

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  What do I need to get ready for EVV?
  1. Have your worker tell us what technology they have available by filling out our Technology Survey: https://www.buildarray.com/shared-forms/web/27495?actkn=6ZRP3A
  2. Make sure your workers provide iLIFE with their most up-to-date email address.* https://ecm.mcfi.net/Forms/evv
    • This email address is where workers will receive important information on EVV, including EVV ID information necessary to log EVV visits.
    • This email address is also where they will receive the automated Sandata email to set up their Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) account if they qualify for EVV. Please note that the email address will be the username.
    • *Email must be unique to a single worker. It cannot be shared by multiple workers.
  3. Talk to your workers about which EVV options they will use. For more information and to help you decide which EVV options would be best for your workers, visit this URL for an interactive tool that will walk you through the decision-making process based on your circumstances and technology available: https://bit.ly/3qNtfrw
    • IRIS participants: Make sure to talk to your IRIS Consultant about EVV and the options your workers will use.
    • Inclusa and My Choice Wisconsin clients: Call iLIFE at 888-490-3966 or send us an email at FC.EVV@iLIFEfms.com
  4. Make sure your workers know where they can find more information and training on how to use the EVV option(s) they are using: https://www.ilifefms.com/EVV.htm
  How do I get my EVV ID?

Workers will receive a letter from iLIFE containing all necessary EVV ID information, including their Santrax ID, client EVV ID, company ID, and toll-free phone numbers for logging TVV and FVV visits. You can also call iLIFE Customer Service to obtain this information.

  Does the EVV GPS monitor a worker at all times; including before, during, and after work?

No, the technology used to verify the worker’s location only records locations at the start and end of the service. It does not record their location at any other time.

  Can I still use the Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) app in places without WiFi/internet connection?

Yes, as long as you have access to the internet at a different location. An onsite internet connection is not needed to check in and out on the mobile app. The encrypted visit information can be uploaded at a later time when an internet connection is available and you log in to the SMC app.

  What do I do if I forgot my SMC app username or password?

Your username is the email you have on file with iLIFE. You can reset your password at any time using the “Forgot Password” link on the SMC login page. If you are still experiencing issues, you may also call iLIFE Customer Service for assistance.

  Can I use a cell phone, that is not a smart phone, to call in to Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV)?

No, the technology used by TVV only works with traditional landlines and VoIP phones.

  How do I order a Fixed Visit Verification (FVV) device?
  • IRIS participants: Call iLIFE at 888-800-5599 or talk to your IRIS Consultant to ensure you meet the requirements.
  • Inclusa and My Choice Wisconsin employers: Call iLIFE at 888-490-3966 or send us an email at FC.EVV@iLIFEfms.com
  • Please note: FVV is only available if MVV and TVV are not accessible options and is considered the last resort.
  Who should I contact if I’m having technical issues with any of the EVV options (MVV, TVV, FVV)?

Call the Wisconsin EVV Customer Care Team at 833-931-2035.

  How do I enter the correct service in the EVV option I choose?

For TVV and FVV, you will enter the appropriate number from the “Code for Call” listed in the table below.
For MVV, you will select the appropriate option in the “Mobile Display” listed in the table below.


Service Code Code for Call Mobile Display
T1019 10 Personal Care Svc/15min
T1020* 25 Personal Care/Day
S5125 15 Supportive Home Care/15min
S5126 20 Supportive Home Care/Day






*Please note: Service code T1020 is not used for the IRIS program and COMBO is not used for Family Care.
Please note: Service codes T1019 and S5125 will be paid at an hourly wage.

  What do I do if I forgot to log EVV or make a mistake?

iLIFE is currently finalizing a process for submitting EVV corrections. An EVV corrections form, and detailed information regarding this process, will be made available on our website once it has been finalized. No additional action is required until the correction form is posted with instructions.

  Do I still have to submit timesheets?

Yes, timesheets are still necessary to process payment and can be submitted in any of the current methods.

  What must I do if I think I satisfy EVV Exempt requirements for live-in status but was instructed to get set up for EVV?

IRIS: Please contact your IC to confirm your live-in status on the relationship form and have them verify the service authorizations created for you to serve your client.

Family Care: Please contact your FEA to confirm your live-in status and have them update your EVV exempt status.


A live-in worker is defined as the following:

For the purposes of EVV, a live-in worker is a worker who permanently resides in the same residence as the member or participant receiving services.  Additionally, a person could be considered a live-in worker if both of the following criteria are met and the documentation above is provided: 

  • The worker permanently resides in a two-residence dwelling such as a side-by-side duplex or upper-and-lower home where the member or participant receiving services lives in the other half of the dwelling AND;
  • The worker is a relative of the member or participant receiving services. A relative is defined as a person related, of any degree, by blood, adoption, or marriage, to the member or participant.


iLIFE may have already received your live-in status via:

  • IRIS Participant-hired Worker Relationship Identification Form for IRIS program workers. Please alert iLIFE and your IC within seven (7) days if your live-in status changes since this may impact your need to submit EVV. 
  • EVV Live-in Verification Form for Family Care program workers.  



Additional Information and Contact Information

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   Where can I get more information on EVV?

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website:

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) website:

For updates on training and EVV in general, please visit the DHS website above. iLIFE will also continue to provide updates as we receive them via our website at www.iLIFEfms.com/EVV.htm and EVV text messaging service referenced in this FAQ.

  How can I provide my feedback?

You can contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services by emailing them at VDXC.ContactEVV@wisconsin.gov or calling Wisconsin EVV Customer Care at 833-931-2035.



How to Obtain a Free Email Address


Popular providers include:

How to sign-up:

  1. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to complete this process
  2. Search for the email provider of your choice or click one of the links above
  3. Follow all instructions carefully while creating your email address
  4. Create a password that is complicated enough that it won't be able to be guessed by someone else, but still able to be remembered by you
  5. Once created, you will be able to access your new account on any smartphone, tablet, or computer as long as the device has an internet connection


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