iLIFE Paperless:

A new way to a better pay day!


Per DHS requirement (check out the letter here), iLIFE is transitioning all Participant-hired Workers to a non-paper check payment method.

The deadline to submit a Payment Election Form (PEF) (click here to fill out the PEF online) and to transition smoothly is August 25th so don't delay!

Check out the iLIFE Paperless Calendar for more information.


Have questions? Check out a quick FAQ below, and then feel free to head over to the page for the payment method of your choosing for more in depth information. 


Do I need to change?

Yes, if you are currently receiving a paper check, you will need to change to a new payment option. The options available are either Direct Deposit or iLIFE Pay Card.


Will my payment/paycheck be delayed or will the paydate change?

No, your payment will continue as normal. 


When will I get my first pay on my new payment method?

You will receive your first pay on your new payment method on January 12, 2018. To make sure that you have everything ready for that pay day, be sure to check out the Direct Deposit page or the iLIFE Pay Card page for more information on those payment methods. 


Click below to learn more about each payment method option:


Direct Deposit


iLIFE Pay Card



Would you prefer to speak with a live person about your options?

Set up an appointment below and you will have a 30 minute allotment of time to ask whatever questions you have about the iLIFE Paperless transition. We are here to help you choose the best option for your individual needs.


Want to attend a live event and get help filling out the Payment Election Form in person?

Check out our iLIFE Paperless Events Flyer for information on the events happening around the state!
For specific location details, head on over to the iLIFE Paperless Events Schedule for more information. 
For Participant Liaison office closings during these events, head on over to this News and Events article


Ready to sign-up now?

Fill out our Payment Election Form (PEF) and get your payment method squared away before the transition is completed. 

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