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Video Tutorials

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ADA25 Bus Tour: What does the ADA mean to you?

On the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, iLIFE asked individuals with disabilities to describe what the ADA means to them.

Person First Language

Learn how using person first language highlights the individual and helps create a more equal and welcoming society.

Employer-Caregiver Relationships: Best Practices

Learn how caregivers and people getting long-term care services and supports can create strong working relationships.

Family Caregivers: Best Practices

Family caregivers share their experiences and tips on how to take care of family members and loved ones.

Caregivers: Best Practices

Award-winning caregivers share their tips on how to provide quality care to people getting long term care supports and services.

Employer Authority

iLIFE consumers talk about Employer Authority in self-directed programs. Learn about being the boss and creating a positive relationship with your caregiver.

How to Find an Employee

Part one of iLIFE's video series to help people in self-directed programs find employees who can give them the care and services they need.

How to Interview an Employee

Part two of iLIFE's video series offers tips for how people in self-directed programs can interview caregivers.

How to Hire an Employee

Part three of iLIFE's video series is about hiring a new caregiver and getting your new worker started.

Participant Spotlight

Watch how iLIFE services help people live an independent life.

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