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Fiscal Agent

iLIFE serves as an employer agent for participants in self-directed support programs.  Participants hire their own employees and choose the services their workers provide.

We manage payroll and bill payment to ease the administrative burden for participants as they achieve and maintain their independence.


iLIFE Fiscal/Employer Agent Services:

  • Receive, disburse, and track funds based on participants’ approved service plans.
  • Complete participant enrollment and worker employment forms.
  • Conduct background checks and verify worker information.
  • Prepare and distribute payroll.
  • Withhold, file, and deposit federal and state income taxes.
  • Process and pay vendor invoices.
  • Generate reports for state program agencies, support brokers, and participants.
  • Arrange and process workers' compensation and health insurance.



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Fiscal Agent Forms

Employer, employee, and vendor forms.

Fiscal Agent Customer Service

Our Fiscal Agent staff is here to serve you!

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