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Payroll Solutions

Online Timesheets

iLIFE’s web portal technology allows participants to view up-to-date budget information and approve their employee’s timesheets online.  Users can compare their budgets to the hours employees submit, and receive email notifications updating the status of timesheets.



  • Paper-free time reporting for participants and their caregivers
  • Increased accuracy leads to timely checks and payments
  • Automatic status updates of timesheets
  • Compare participant budgets to hours on employee timesheets to prevent fraud and abuse





Customer Service

iLIFE’s customer service team is available by phone from 8am-5pm in each of our programs’ local time zones.  Our main offices in Milwaukee and Glendale are open to visitors from 8am-4:30pm Central time. 

Our staff takes pride in helping iLIFE consumers get answers to their questions.  The iLIFE team:

  • Provides updates on participant budget statements
  • Notifies participants and employees of missing or incomplete documents and timesheets
  • Informs participants and employees when timesheets are processed and payments are sent
  • Resolves grievances



iLIFE Resources

Find helpful tips, guides, and information on iLIFE’s resources page.  We educate participants, employees, and caregivers about long-term care programs.  Our videos, how-to guides, and additional resources talk about people can give and recieve better care.


iLIFE holds outreach events in the communities we serve to talk with employers, employees, and vendors about issues in self-directed programs.  Our training topics include:

  • Employer authority
  • Filling out and submitting timesheets
  • Budget statements
  • How to identify and prevent fraud


We also hold participant-guided resource groups.  These listening sessions allow participants to:

  • Share their experiences as employers
  • Discuss strengths and challenges about being an employer
  • Give feedback and help iLIFE make and improve resources and materials



Background Checks for Employees

iLIFE completes criminal and caregiver background checks, if required, before an employee is allowed to provide services.



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