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IRIS Glossary

Budget Estimate

The estimate of the money needed to fund the services and support you need through IRIS.

Cost Share
The amount paid every month to iLIFE in order for you to continue receiving services through IRIS.

Not every participant has a cost share. If you do, it is important to pay it every month. If you have questions about cost share, contact your county's Income Maintenance Office or contact us.

The agency that processes your participant-hired worker's documents, sends payments to your participant-hired worker and/or vendor, collects your cost share payments and helps you stay within your IRIS Allocation.

Include, Respect, I Self-Direct (IRIS)
Wisconsin's self-directed support program through which you choose goods, supports and services that meet your long-term care needs.

Individual Support and Service Plan (ISSP)
The details of the IRIS-funded services within the participant's allocation.

IRIS Consultant (IC)
The trained individual who provides ongoing assistance to help you understand IRIS requirements and to make an ISSP.

IRIS Consultant Agency (ICA)
Assists the Participant in developing person-centered outcomes and Individual Support and Service Plans (ISSPs), process ISSPs and work with Participants in the IRIS program. The IRIS consultant agencies’ roles and responsibilities focus on supporting the participant in self-direction, which include enrollment, service planning and continued eligibility.

ICAs for the IRIS program: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/iris/directory.htm

The person who is enrolled in the IRIS program. 

Participant-hired Worker
An individual the participant hires to provide services. iLIFE receives and processes all required documents and background checks before payments are made.

Participant-hired Worker Start-up Packet
The documents required for your participant-hired worker to receive payment for services. See the Participant-hired Worker Start-up Forms here.

The time reporting website for your and your participant-hired workers to submit, review and approve time reports online.

To sign up for the Portal, call 1-888-800-5599. Click here to log in to the Portal.

The payment form used to submit hours worked. The participant or participant's guardian must approve every timesheet.

The service provider that provides products and/or services. iLIFE receives and processes all required documents before payments are made.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)
The state government department that sponsors and oversees the IRIS program and other publicly-funded programs. Learn more at the DHS website.


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